Director Jihye Kim

POP PILATES™, Classical Pilates studio made up entirely of specialists who are dedicated to upholding the values of Joseph H. Pilates.

POP PILATES™ Run our classes based on the original Pilates system.

POP PILATES™, All guides are grad of Apprentice of Contrology® and there are 8 to 20 years of Pilates experience.

POP PILATES™, Over the past decade, 80,000 classes conducted in our studio. Through these experiences, we have been convinced that Pilates has great value for what as it is.

POP PILATES™, As a specialist classical Pilates studio, we’re all about ‘Return to Pilates for Return to Life.’ Depending on your physical condition and capabilities, we tailor the Pilates system in your classes for dramatic results.

POP PILATES™, We were the first in Korea to offer a complete classical studio setup with all equipment and accessories. Our classes use Contrology® equipment, which superbly reproduces the finest details of the original designs, bringing excellent conditions to each Pilates class.

Above all, in Pilates, the most crucial elements are the respect and attention that must be afforded when dealing with the human body. Our experienced and passionate guides ensure this philosophy is at the heart of all our programs.

Jihye Kim

Jihye’s movement journey started with rhythmic gymnastics in childhood, followed by various fitness modalities to enhance her physical conditioning. She excelled in her academic pursuits, graduating at the top of her class with both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Dance. Her career flourished as she won top awards at international dance festivals as a professional dancer and choreographer.

In 2004, she began her career as a Pilates instructor after obtaining her first Pilates certification. This was a natural extension of her life in motion. During her time as both an artist and a Pilates instructor, she completed three comprehensive Pilates training programs and PMA. Among other many fitness certifications.

In 2011, feeling disillusioned with her life as an artist, she decided to retire and revisit the various physical disciplines she had engaged in, both as a leader and a participant. This period included training in Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis, among numerous other methods, while her desire for functional movement continued unabated.

In 2015, during this quest, her journey led her to Los Angeles. She met Jay Grimes there. This meeting the luckiest moment of her movement life. She rediscovered her passion and quenched her thirst for movement at Vintage Pilates, where Jay Grimes was the director, Sandy Shimoda was the owner.

She was the first from Asia to be selected for and graduate from the Master’s program under Jay Grimes, and she continues to embrace a philosophy of lifelong learning. She believes that the experiences with Vintage Pilates have been the most effective and functional in her life of movement, and she was the first to introduce the full Pilates system and original classes to the Korean market.

She is also the author of the book ‘My Second Passion‘ and wants to share the positive physical and mental transformations through Pilates with others as both a guide and a participant.

Currently, she is director of POP PILATES™ and the Apprentice of Contrology®, part of continuing her passion for sharing her expertise.

How to connect

If you would like to invite Jihye for a workshop or make a request, please contact via email, and you’ll receive a detailed catalog.